Want twitch-safe music?

In case you missed it, A new member of the StreamGood family has arrived!

SafeBeatz is a new provider of copyright-free music for streamers and content creators, totally free to use with no fear of DMCA strikes. Available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or direct download.

The first wave includes Lo-Fi, EDM, various genres of House, Dubstep, and more, but there’s a lot more to come. SafeBeatz has its own discord (https://discord.com/invite/zPyr6rUF7t), and they’d love to hear from you, for example, what genres of music you would love to use on your streams.

Lo-Fi Volume 1 – https://safebeatz.com/release/lo-fi-volume-1/

Lo-Fi Volume 2 – https://safebeatz.com/release/lo-fi-volume-2/

Hype Volume 1 – https://safebeatz.com/release/hype-volume-1/

All SafeBeatz Lo-Fi Spotify Playlist – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/14GsEeMKq6UJ2JndlXPasV?si=a1f482ced8e04b78

All SafeBeatz Lo-Fi YouTube Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkqxe3vwA_c&list=PLh3AKxReO3j6j4lt7vC4XL0TifjcWA1yD