January 2022 Update!

Updates will be on the public site in the coming days, but you can try these improvements now using the preview website, by visiting https://preview.streamgood.gg. Please give us any feedback if you run into issues.

New customisation options

  • Volume control – All players can be muted or set to different volume levels.
  • Maximum clip length – Either filter out long clips or stop playback after a number of seconds.

New playback improvements

  • OBS Dockable control panel for manually controlling playback on some players.
  • A countdown in the bottom right shows the time remaining on the clip, which can be turned off in player setup.
  • Users who left the OBS browser source resolution as 800×600 (4:3 aspect ratio) would have a slightly broken layout for the info overlays. This has now been fixed by forcing the players to always use 16:9 aspect ratio. This may result in slightly smaller player on existing scenes for those users until they readjust the size of the player. Users who set their browser source to 1920×1080 should be unaffected.
  • XSplit is now supported – check the “Disable scrollbars” option if you run into weird scrollbar issues on the webpage source.

Registration system / Connect your twitch account

Benefits of linking your StreamGood account to twitch right now includes:

  • Prefilled channel name on setup screens.
  • Remembers your player settings and makes updating them easier when new options are available.
  • Appear on our highlighted streamers page (see below) whenever you are live.

Highlighted streamers

  • StreamGood partners are shown on our highlighted streamers page regardless of whether they are online or not.
  • Any registered user who is currently live streaming will also be shown in their own section.