Introducing StreamGood ChatMates!

The ultimate solution for streamers who want to keep their chat lively and engaging!

Are you tired of streaming to an empty or silent chat?

Do you want to keep your viewers engaged and entertained throughout your stream?

Look no further than StreamGood’s ChatMates, the revolutionary new product that generates realistic conversation in your chat!

From jokes and memes to in-depth discussions, StreamGood’s ChatMates keeps your chat active and engaging, creating a positive environment for your viewers to enjoy. You can even enable “bullying mod” mode to call out your poor gaming skills, just to really make it feel like you’re among friends!

How does it work?

First you complete a short quiz so we can assess your personality, then our cutting-edge AI technology creates personalized chat messages based on your stream’s content, making it feel like you’re streaming to a room full of friends that totally get you and your vibe.

Want to know more?

Don’t let a quiet chat ruin your stream – if you’re interested in ChatMates, join the waiting list by clicking this link.